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EGR Manual Rolltrac Sydney


The EGR RollTrac Manual is the market leader in Roller Covers, providing strong, durable design, rugged protection and easy-to-use controls. 

Our Australian designed and tested Tonneau Cover is created with strong, aluminium slats, finished off with a black, powdercoat finish providing not only a strong and durable tub cover, but a sleek, low profile accessory for your tub without compromising on quality.

Due to the unique nature of our EGR RollTrac design, our roll cover is impenetrable with our aluminium slats locking in place, keeping your tub safe and dry. 

With over 150,000 hours of testing in the harshest of climates, our tub cover can withstand all the heat, rainfall, beach and cold that the Australian climate presents to us.

It has never been easier to open and close a Roll Cover, with our on-board latch handle, it is as simple as lifting the latch and sliding the Tonneau Cover to any position, with 100mm locking increments. Once you’re done with your Roll Cover, simply lock your tray with one of our two keys provided to secure your tub (no need for annoying pull straps).

Seamlessly add any accessories on top of the EGR RollTrac with our in-built universal T-Rail system allowing the fitting of all of your pre-existing & EGR accessories

The World's best Roller Cover for your Ute is only a click away. Buy now!