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Premium Canopies

Premium Canopies.

Sliding window combination: $4049 

Lift and Slide combination: $4049 

Lift and Lift Combination: $4049

Fitting at Sydney ute Accessories: $375.00

 EGR's latest core product is the Canopy for Dual Cab Utility Vehicles. Launching in 2010, EGR now has over 50 Canopies covering 3 different window combinations for the Australian Aftermarket. Excellent market growth for Australian-made and developed products.

Starting with a sheet of ABS, the material is strong, thick and UV stable, with acrylic capping to provide an excellent smooth surface as its first and final finish. Using the same process as our Hard Lids, the Canopies are then painted robotically, resulting in an A-Class paint finish second to none in Australia

EGR canopies are split into 2 categories: premium and fleet.

EGR PREMIUM Canopies have a curb-side lift-up  and drivers-side dual-pane sliding-side windows as standard. Other options available are dual sliding side windows or dual lift-up side windows. The front window is a sliding combination for the user to clean the rear window of their vehicle cabin, and the rear door is dual-curved 3-dimensional frameless glass with a central handle with slam latches. All windows are tinted. Other notable features include a robotically painted base rail cover strip, no-drill fitment, and a vehicle-specific plug-and-play wiring harness to allow for a quick installation.

All canopies are Australian-made and manufactured at EGR's Thermoformed Division in Brisbane. With a commitment to inventory, EGR will warehouse completed canopies with various side window combinations to ensure that when we receive an order, the delivery time is quicker and more efficient than overseas-sourced products.