Isuzu EGR Manuel Rolltrac


Manual EGR RollTrac Details

  • THE BEST Rollcover on the market now in manual.
  • STRONG DESIGN: A robust and sleek design with no compromise on quality. The exterior is finished in a lightly textured satin black powder coat and distinguished by soft edges and clearly defined formal contours. The EGR RollTrac compliments your vehicle's aesthetics perfectly.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Multi positional handle that allows you to lock off the cover at 100mm increments allowing easy access to your tub. The handle rests flush with the cover so you maintain that sleek, smooth finish.
  • SECURE: Strong aluminium slats that interlock and cannot be cut or forced open creating the best security on the market.
  • WEATHERPROOF: Your tub stays dry! Tested for all climate and weather conditions. Dry dusty desert, wet tropical rainfall, salt spraying beach driving, and even extreme cold and snow.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Easy accessible canister to allow easy cleaning and removal of debris.
  • ACCESSORY READY: A universal T-Slot side rail track system is built into the EGR RollTrac and fits ALL major rack brands.

Contact Information

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