Ford Ranger GEN3 Canopies

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Ford Ranger GEN3 Canopies


The GEN3 is EGR's best Canopy yet. This canopy is complemented with frameless windows - that do not need any external handles, thus providing your Canopy with a clean and stylish finish.

Available with two window options, lift & pop windows. The side Lift Windows include remote locking as standard and links to your vehicle central locking. The rear door is fantastic! No Handles! Access your canopy by pushing the soft button release, then simply open the window with one finger. All windows are three-dimensional curved glass and finished in a dark tint.

We've included convenient remote locking as standard and integrates it with your vehicle's central locking remote/key. Notable features include carpet lining, fast clamp style fitment, and a vehicle-specific plug and play wiring harness to allow for a quick installation.

Roof rack surface tracks are also mounted to the roof as standard. This allows you to choose an option your own personal choice and preference for crossbars.

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